Who We Are

Welcome to PAAF!

The Property Appraisers' Association of Florida, Inc. (PAAF) has been in existence for well over 100 years. Originally known as the "Tax Assessors' Association of Florida" (TAAF), the association was organized in 1903 for the purpose of bringing about fair, equitable and accurate assessments throughout the State of Florida.

In 1976, the TAAF changed its name to the PAAF, but the association has continued to hold annual meetings since 1903. The purpose of the annual meetings is to provide property appraisers an opportunity to express their views, and discuss problems uniform in nature throughout the state with the ultimate goal of obtaining fair, equitable and accurate assessments. As a result of the work and dedication of the association and its memberships, much has been accomplished toward improving Florida's ad valorem tax structure.

Although these past years have brought vast changes to Florida's Ad Valorem assessment process, and the duties and responsibilities of property appraisers, the original purpose and intent for which the PAAF was organized - uniform, equitable and accurate assessments throughout the state - has remained unchanged.